Rack Mesh Picking Mesh Flat Mesh Backing Mesh Wire grates and castings Spacing Mesh Special protections Backing Mesh

Technical and Spacing Mesh

We manufacture all kinds of electrowelded mesh, rack mesh for pallets or picking, vertical spacing mesh.

Protections, Grates and Castings

We make to order: special protections, racks, wire castings, anti-fall backing mesh.

Supply of Rods and Sheets

We supply rods of all diameters, sheets in all finishes, corrugated and flat mesh in all formats…

Metalmalla & Beico specialises in tailored, rapid-response products.

We have the most advanced technology to reduce manufacturing times and a technical office for new designs.

The technical sales team will always recommend the best solution, adapting to the standard formats when they meet the requirements of a project.