Reinforcement Mesh deck for Picking

The picking reinforcement mesh decks are designed to adapt to any manual load shelf, especially for cases of unequal packaging and loads, and can be used for both light and heavy loads. They are supplied both in Zinc-plated and in Pre-Galvanised.

The mesh deck is tailor manufactured for each order, according to the loads, weights and types of stringer on the shelving.

Advantages of the Picking Mesh deck

  • The mesh deck comes in any rod distribution as required in each case.
  • The quantity and section of the reinforcements is determined by the size and weight of the loads to be borne.
  • The design even enables the mesh deck to be folded upwards so that it holds back the goods, stopping them from falling off the back of the shelf.
  • The ends are perfectly integrated and adapt to any type of stringer (rectangular section, Z section, B section) as well as supports with L section that do not clasp the stringers.
  • Its design ensures that sharp areas are not exposed, meaning they can be slid without any risk for the load or for the operator.
  • It is so versatile that mesh can be manufactured with very widely spaced rods (for little weight) or very closely spaced rods (for a lot of weight or to reduce the opening between rods)
  • For special loads such as containers, we customize manufacturing, reinforcing and densifying the area where the feet or skates are. We study case by case to obtain the best solution and achieve an optimal, customised design.
  • Its versatile and easy assembly enables solutions to be devised quickly, without removing levels, without unloading shelves, and making it possible to assemble by stage, gradually over time, according to need.
  • It improves fire safety, as the water from the sprinklers passes through the mesh deck, to the levels below, helping to extinguish any fire.
  • It increases the operator’s visibility when getting into position or picking up the goods. It also improves the visibility of stock on the top levels and facilitates the passage of light towards the lower levels.