At Metalmalla & Beico we design, develop and manufacture all kinds of mesh for any market need.

Needs may be for specialised mesh, like safety mesh for pallets on racks, mesh for picking or Cash&Carry, spacers, anti-fall backing protections, wire grates and castings, special tailored protections… Our technical team can advise you on what the best solution is in each case.

Aware of the large market of customers who do their own manufacturing, we also supply flat electrowelded mesh in all formats and variants, corrugated mesh, hot rolled sheets and rods. This way we quickly cover any requirement our customers may have, in the finish they desire, thanks to the versatility and agility of both our human team and our technology.

Aware that the market is continuously changing, technological renovation and innovation are the pillars of our company. This drives us to improve, be pioneers of technology, achieve the best service and ensure that our customers are well satisfied with it.